Why do we Need Private Domains?

4 min readFeb 14, 2024

The idea itself sounds counter-intuitive at first: “Why would I register a domain when I intend to keep my activity private?”

We don’t blame you for thinking that on first impression. But there’s much more to a domain name than just an identity layer. Aleo Name Service looks to solve a much bigger need that you may not even realize you’ve been missing.

Web3 registrars lean on being the unique identifiers, a username that follows you around every platform on the internet. Yet they fail to address the huge problem this enables from a security perspective: Scams, targeted social engineering attacks, programmatic spam, and many others are just a few of the threats that these identifiers open up when they fail to address the privacy of their users.

We believe in your right to pick who gets to know you, the same as you would under any other circumstance.

A Fully Public Domain is the Same as Doxxing Yourself

Wallet domains are a genius idea. They enable a world of convenience and a social component every platform would trip over to get. But the way they’ve been handled so far is nothing short of dangerous.

When all your public transactions are visible to anyone, you’re a sitting duck waiting for the moment a scammer targets you. And as we all know, social engineering and the human component are the trickiest problem to address in security.

Having a simple and easy-to-remember name (sometimes even your social media username) tied to your wallet is equivalent to posting your home address online. Ill-intentioned actors will use this information to airdrop you spam NFTs, malicious tokens and every other type of garbage in an attempt to get your valuable assets held within your wallet.

We opted to give you a choice. Pick your friends, the onchain organizations you work with, the communities you belong to; but there’s no need to let anyone else but them have a direct line of contact with your wallet.

We’ve built the same experience, with privacy built in, that anyone can build on top of. We’re the only web3 domain registrar with in-built permissions for who gets to see your “username”.

Your Experience, Our Focus.

We understand the value of domain services, and we’re not here to ruin the fun for anyone. We’re just mindful of the dark side that usually tags along with this convenience, and we’ve found a secure and simple solution to it thanks to Aleo.

So, how does ANS make your journey in Aleo more meaningful?

  • We’ve Redefined User Experience: “YourName.ans” means that you’ll have a unique and convenient panel to configure how you display your information to the entire ecosystem. With our dashboard, you’ll be able to:
  1. Send crypto on Aleo anonymously using a unique domain name, keeping your identity securely private.
  2. Receive payments on Aleo with a personalized domain name, but only with the people you choose to let in.
  3. Conceal your address if you choose to for security reasons.
  4. For developers, we provide you with the tools that streamline interactions with the Aleo blockchain.
  • Privacy and Security: With ANS, your transactions and on-chain activities are enveloped in a veil of privacy, far from intrusive eyes. Aleo’s pioneering approach to ZK allows us to toggle your privacy at the most granular level modularly.
  • Effortless Integration with Aleo: ANS is meticulously designed to sync with the Aleo Network infrastructure, allowing any and all experiences built within our ecosystem to be ANS compatible by default.

ZK is the bedrock of our approach to identity, which allows you to verify any transaction without revealing your own sensitive details. In a nutshell, ANS merges simplicity with solid Aleo privacy. Our commitment to integration, usability, and security lays the groundwork for future breakthroughs in Aleo and zero-knowledge tech as a whole.

Together Towards Tomorrow

We need people like you to bring this vision into the world, the launch of the ANS platform is just the beginning. If you’d like to support us and build on top of our tooling, here’s what you can do:

  • Get Started with ANS: Register with ANS and begin using your domain. Experience unparalleled privacy and simplicity.

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  • Tech & Partnerships: Are you a developer? Dive into our ANS technical resources and see how you can contribute. And if you’re part of a Web3 company or project, let’s collaborate to innovate and redefine what digital identity with privacy built in can do.
  • Your Voice, Our Strength: Share your feedback to fuel ANS’s innovation and amplify our story across your social networks. Your involvement is vital in shaping our journey.
  • Join Our Community: Connect with us on Discord — a space for ideas, support, and collaboration. We’re excited to have you on board!

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